even if i have since a long time uploaded my pics onto homemade galleries or hosted services, i always wanted to have my own photoblog to define the design myself and add some more artistic pictures. there is no periodicity regarding the update of this blog. this is also not a blog as such, more a "log" actually...

i do allow myself only basic digital modifications to my shots: cropping, adjusting saturation, contrasts and white balance. from time to time playing with black and white but i prefer colored images.

until i change my mind, all pictures on this website are free to use (with respect to the creative commons license). you can even get the full size file if you ask for. but please respect the work, give credits and drop me a mail that i know what they are used for :)

c o n t a c t

jerome @ coyote-agile . net
zurich, switzerland.

c a m e r a s

nikon d70, d7000, d500
with lenses 18-70mm (kit), 50mm f/1.8, 10-24mm f/3.5, 18-140mm
sony t7
canon ixus v2, 950is

i m a g e t o o l s

nikon capture nx 1.0, nx 2.0, nx-d
photoshop cs2
acdsee pro 8


December 07, 2018



December 18, 2018
pictures from within the city borders of zurich, switzerland (and from the airport...)